Amazing Grace!

   Doula was a word I did not know existed prior to my pregnancy. Upon my research about giving birth- I quickly discovered the importance of hiring a doula. My husband and I were first time parents and we knew only as much about bringing a baby into the world as any new parent. Since I noticed that successful businesspeople and professional athletes all have coaches and mentors to help them achieve their goals. I realized that if my goal was to have our baby naturally without any medication – then it made perfect sense to hire a doula.
    My expectations were beyond exceeded. The first meeting I had with Grace- I felt connected right away and that she was there to support me. A few qualities that I picked up while working with her are that she is very attentive, kind, professional and knowledgeable. She made herself available to me for any questions and concerns I had prior to birth. Grace’s demeanor is wonderful- she is always very clam, positive and confident. She prepared me well ahead of time and came to labor with me at home before we headed to the hospital. It was such a relief to have her with my husband and I at home, because we did not have to worry about knowing the exact time of when to go to the hospital. We had complete trust in her and she directed us on what steps to take next.
   Finally, Grace was a very supportive role as my doula and her encouraging attitude throughout the whole process helped me make it to the finish line. Without a doubt- there is no way that I could have succeeded in a natural birth alone. It was such a good experience. She helped me stay focused through every contraction and kept me motivated. I am so grateful to have had Grace as my doula and will definitely have her with me as my doula in the future.

-Rubi M

   My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our second child.  We were hoping for a successful VBAC and Grace helped us to accomplish exactly that.  I met with Grace three times prior to the birth.  My first birth had been difficult and traumatic so I had a lot of fear and anxiety this second time around.  During these two meetings, Grace helped alleviate my fears and together we came up with plans to help avoid or better cope with problems or interventions that might come up as I attempted a hospital VBAC.  Grace promised to be there for me during early labor to help me determine when it would be best to head to the hospital.  She also gave me several exercises to try that were supposed to help baby into the optimal postion for delivery. 

    My labor began late at night (around 1:30 am).  Grace was at my house within 20 minutes of my calling her.  Labor was fast and I was in transition by the time she got to me.  My husband was out of town so Grace drove me to the hospital.  She helped me stay on top of my contractions during the car ride and when we arrived at the hospital.  She was excellent with the hospital staff.  My daughter was born within an hour of us arriving at the hospital.  Grace stayed with me for 2 hours following the birth and helped me begin breastfeeding.  At our post-partum visit, she made sure I understood all details of the birth.  Since it was so fast, she knew I had a lot to process and I appreciated that she took the time to review the experience with me.  I am so thankful to her for giving me the confidence to attempt a VBAC and so grateful for her assistance in helping me have a positive VBAC experience.  I would highly recommend Grace's doula services and if we are blessed with a third child, we will definitely be hiring her again.  

- Kim

Grace was such a wonderful asset to our birth team! She is professional, personable, gentle, kind and so tremendously supportive. She was prompt and responsive during initial contact, prenatal meetings and during early labor. 

As soon as she arrived, she made positive recommendations and suggestions which were very helpful for managing active contractions! She wasn't afraid to model and was very attentive to my signs and actions. She was respectful and coorperative with the medical team. 

Her prayerful support, calm presence and attentive nature helped to make our birth a wonderful experience. She was always positive and clearly enjoys what she does! Grace comes highly recommended!!

- Annie

Grace served us so well as a doula! My labor started late at night and she came as soon as we called for her, around 3 a.m. What I appreciated most about Grace's services was her sensitivity to my needs. My husband and I had gone through a Bradley Birthing Method class, and I greatly desired my husband to participate in the birth. One of my concerns was that a doula might interfere with that. I can tell you with great confidence that Grace does not overstep her boundaries as a doula. She serves where she is needed. Sometimes that meant reminding me to relax as my husband poured water over my back in a tub, other times it was giving us some tools to work through my back labor (our daughter was posterior). Towards the end of my labor, she was on water duty with her only job being giving me sips of water in between contractions. She filled in the empty spaces and helped me to feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed. As soon as her need was fulfilled, she left so that my husband and I could bond with our sweet girl and called into check in with us the next day. I am expecting my second currently, and I have every plan to use Grace's great birthing services again! 


Grace was a wonderful doula! Unfortunately I labored so fast that by the time I called her i was well into the pushing stage of labor. Grace was able get to my home (I had a home birth) five minutes after Baby was born, but she stayed at my home for hours after ensuring that I was well taken care of. She was able to help in whatever capacity was needed! She ensured that Baby and me were comfortable, well fed, and rested. She took pictures and videos of the important first moments after the birth, and she helped me to get situated to begin breastfeeding Baby. She had a lot of great advice and tips to make breastfeeding easier. Grace was able to come back and visit a few days later, and chatting with her at that time was really great just to be able to process the whole birthing experience. She was able to connect me with breastfeeding and postpartum groups, and she has been great answering other questions I had concerning Baby and mama care. I would highly recommend Grace as a doula for a first-time mom. She is very knowledgeable as well as caring and compassionate towards both mama and baby. She also works really well with fathers who want to be involved! Thanks so much Grace!


My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our first child. We met with her a couple times before the birth. Once to interview and then once to do our first meeting pre- birth. Grace was supportive, a good listener, a good communicator and professional. We knew that she would be a great doula for our birth.

As soon as birth signs started to happen, I contacted Grace who was always a fast responder to my texts. We labored at home and then headed to the hospital. Grace started advocating for me as soon as we hit the hospital. 

There were many instances where we needed to say, "yes or no we need to do it this way." Grace was great with my husband and the whole nursing team. She was there for me but said and did the right things to be on their side too.

Grace suggested new positions to try and kept the affirmations and coaching words flowing to keep me on track during labor. She also confidently and tirelessly held my leg during the three hour pushing session!

Grace stayed with me after the birth to make sure I was ok. She also followed up within my first week home to see how our new family was adjusting. 

I was very grateful to have had Grace during our birth and highly recommend her as a doula.