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What they're Saying


“Grace also helped keep my husband involved in the entire process, which was very important to us. I think some people are afraid a doula would replace a husband’s role, but a good one can actually enhance his role and help him meet his wife’s changing needs. She knew exactly when to step in directly and when it was a better time for my husband to be closer to me.”


“Two weeks before my due date, my doctor told me I would have to be induced days later if my blood pressure did not go down. Even though the news wasn’t ideal, I felt calm because of Grace. She encouraged me and checked in on me constantly. Things kept piling up that made a natural birth challenging, but Grace made the process so easy. I texted her that she didn’t need to come in until later, but Grace was there within 20 minutes...which was good; I had my daughter much sooner than I expected! She always had me carefully evaluate my options and listen to my body. She held my hands, helped my husband, and brought joy and excitement into the room as my daughter came into the world. The doctor on call and the nurses asked for Grace’s name afterwards; they said she was the best doula they had ever worked with”


“Grace’s demeanor is wonderful- she is always very clam, positive and confident. She prepared me well ahead of time and came to labor with me at home before we headed to the hospital. It was such a relief to have her with my husband and I at home, because we did not have to worry about knowing the exact time of when to go to the hospital. We had complete trust in her and she directed us on what steps to take next. Finally, Grace was a very supportive role as my doula and her encouraging attitude throughout the whole process helped me make it to the finish line. Without a doubt- there is no way that I could have succeeded in a natural birth alone. It was such a good experience. She helped me stay focused through every contraction and kept me motivated. I am so grateful to have had Grace as my doula and will definitely have her with me as my doula in the future.”

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