Hi, I’m Grace, a native Phoenician who hates the heat but loves the city. I am the oldest grandchild and have loved babies since I was old enough to talk. My first complete sentence was “I want to see my baby” when my younger sister Lily was born.

I began working with pregnant women when I was in college where I started forming a passion for supporting women in their vocations as mothers. Later, I worked in a home of hospitality for homeless pregnant women where I realized the importance of supporting women through pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period. I clearly

saw that if a woman was supported during her birth by being treated with love, dignity, and respect it would have a lasting impact on her and her child. 

My natural interest in birth and passion for supporting mothers led to me to pursue doula training and certification through DONA International in 2012. Since my initial training I have been blessed by attending a variety of births in different settings. I feel deep joy and privilege to be a part of each family's unique birth story. My hope is to continue to empower and support women and their families so they can build a strong foundation for their lives with their new babies.


I became a doula to help women start their motherhood journey off on the right foot.